• 23 February 2020
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After T-Mobile saying order success and confirm email what do I do


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I checked out our Test Drive | T-MOBILE SUPPORT redemption process and it sounds like you're in the waiting game. You should have seen estimated shipping dates when you completed the form and we'll send you an email when they ship.

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Did you get your shipping email yet?

Sorry for writing on a very old thread. I signed up more than two weeks back. Never got an estimated shipping date. Called CS a week later. The CSR couldn't find my request so requested on my behalf and told me I should get it by 2/12. Didn't get any confirmation


I called again, this time I was told there's no way to track requests and devices are out of stock.

I'm at a loss. I don't think this is the best experience. Any advice?


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I've been having the same issue we except I've been told by different so called experts that I'll recieve it in 5 to 7 days. It even told me that on line when I signed up. I have yet to recieve a thing and it's been almost a month!!

I know old thread, but having issues.  I signed up online for Testdrive device...said my order was a success.  The next day I receive an email saying they need to confirm some info and to call TMobile to “get my order back on track”.  I called the number they gave me and the agent had no idea what was wrong.  Couldn’t find any record of me in the system.  Sat on phone for an hour while the agent went back and forth with tech no avail.  Can’t re-order it online because it says I already redeemed the offer and have to wait 6 months.  They recommended I place another order but using a friend or family’s address.  This is beyond frustrating...