Timezone incorrect for 4GLTE CELL SPOT

I just moved to a new timezone and still need to use my in home 4GLTE Cell spot. Problem is that when devices are connected to it they show in my old timezone. When not connected the show the correct timezone. The install/setup does not have any options to getting to the internal setup of the cellspot in order to update. I have done a reset and reboot of the cellspot and nothing has changed. I also updated firmware on the router it is connected to.


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Don't know if the following applies to your model or not....

I'm wondering if your device just hasn't completed setup because it is still doing so, or for some reason it cannot.  Also wondering, is power light still blinking?

I can only assume that the setup for the new location is ongoing. I

still don't understand why it cannot get the right time if it received

data from a new location. No lights are blinking, all solid as normal.

It has been on for 2 days so I'll give it till tomorrow.

Does that article I linked apply to your model?  If not, what is the model number?

The article refers to a GPS antennae.  I wonder if the device gets time (or your location, and hence time zone) from the GPS signal and not from the mobile network.  A possible explanation, I think, is the device has been unable to see the GPS system satellites and get GPS data.

No blinking lights suggests to me the setup went through its complete routine.  I don't have a clue whether or not you should expect to see any messages if there is something that the device was unable to do, like get GPS data.

If it were me, I would experiment with different locations with a clear view of the sky, just to see if it makes any difference.

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Are you near another time zone?  If so, it's possible you're connecting to a tower in the other time zone.  You may have to manually set your time zone in your device, if that's the case.

Good point.  This would explain getting time data from GPS, if that is indeed the case with the OP's device.

To OP:  You say time zone.   Does the device actually show time zone, or are you inferring from the time displayed?  Also, is your current time zone several away from your last time zone, or adjacent.   (I'm wondering if there is a DST setting.)

The article has the same info as my setup instructions so I don't think it is model specific. The one I have is Model: SS2FII Femtocell Multi-Band SOHO. I moved the GPS out the back door to see if that helps and reset again. Also I moved from TN to South TX so not close the timezone line.

The device does not show timezones, however when I reset the cellspot my phone immediately gets service on another tower and reverts back to CST, until the cellspot if finished rebooting, then back to EST. My actual GPS location on my phone still shows my city, however.

So, looks like this one....

I see there is an indicator light for GPS.  Assuming device is using GPS for time as well as position, is the light solid green?

EDIT:  I don't see anything in troubleshooting.  The word time doesn't appear in a search.   GPS is my best guess.

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Did you update the address on your account and your cellspot?

Account address updated a week ago. I'm not sure how to update the address, or if I can, for the cellspot. It was sent courtesy of T-Mobile due to coverage and it does not show up on my online account anywhere. Should I call or give it more time. I can use manual location for now.

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If you need to update the address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and click Profile at upper-right corner
  3. Click Coverage devices at bottom-left corner
  4. In the 'Customer device use address' box, click Edit.
  5. Update the address information, then click Save.

Yes that is it. Only difference is the "T" emblem instead of Nokia. All lights are solid green. Once in a while I do notice the 4G light blinking but the manual only refers to the number of connections to the cellspot.

Thanks. There is not an option for Coverage Devices under my profile. Word search didn't turn up anything either.

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I'd contact T-Mobile support at this point, then.

That rules out the GPS idea for me.

It never occurred to me that you would need to enter the address for the device in your account information.   I hope that is the solution.  EDIT:  I saw your response on that.   I'm stumped.

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Your address should have been entered for E911 information.  It's a long shot on my end, but, the only thing I can think of.

The other thing would be somehow factory reset the cell spot.  It may have the old time zone and need a reset to reconfigure the time zone.  That seems about as silly as E911 address, but, electronics are crazy sometimes.