Unable to log in to sync up app

  • 24 April 2021
  • 4 replies


Started today when I try and open the Sync Up app it times out.  Tried uninstall, reinstall, changed to wifi from mobile network, and still times out trying to log in.  Timed Out - Your request has timed out.  Please try again later.  

Been about 2 hours now wit no change.  Is there an issue with the tmobile network?

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4 replies

Having the same issue since a week.

Got logged out.

Reset password and still can’t login.



It eventually started working, but now having the same issue.



I went into settings, apps, syncup and cleared cache and data. Works now.

It works for me now.  I think something was wrong on their end: maybe maintenence/server update.

I didn’t do anything special after reinstalling.