What 'settings' to use Verizon JetPack hotspot on T-Mobile ?

  • 10 March 2016
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What are these guys talking about?


I don't want to pay $57 to find out.


Do we have any experience/advice for using a 'Verizon' hotspot/modem on T-Mobile network?

I have a Novatel 4620L hotspot, Pantech MHS291L hotspot, & Pantech UML290V modem.



4 replies

😊 Thanks!

T-Mobile had installed the SIM, but not corrected the APN settings, so the Jetpack was Roaming for service.  Changed APN to the fast.t-mobile.com APN and works perfectly.  No more Roaming!  Thank you.

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So far this is what I have..

When you powerup the MiFi you go to http://my.jetpack from a laptop that's connected to the MiFi and you'll see under Settings | Advanced that you can update the settings shown here.  When you do that you'll be able to connect to T-Mobile no problem.  But getting your data usage levels and doing firmware updates?  I don't see anything that will let you do that. I'm guessing those features are configured at the firmware layer and they're probably proprietary Verizon endpoints..


Me either.

Unless there is a satisfaction guarantee.

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Can't tell you.

I'm not signing up to their site to read the article.