ZTE SyncUP Unable to export trip history

  • 27 September 2018
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I have had this device for about a year and a half and it has been tremendous in helping me track my mileage for work!

It has been about 6 weeks since I last exported trip history via the SyncUP app. Over the past 2 days, when attempting to export the csv i am given an error that says "Unable to Complete. Difficulty reaching the network. Please make sure you have a cellular connection" I have full signal on my phone and 4G LTE is fully operational. I have even attempted to export while sitting inside the car the device is plugged into with full signal and full data connections.

All software on my phone is up to date and the syncup app is also up to date. I am able to view recent GPS data on the app and it appears to be transmitting data without issue to the app.

What can i do to remedy this? I need the data export, without this device is not really useful to me.



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CoachD:  I did the same thing and here is what you must do:

in the Map mode notice the caret in the upper right corner (caret ^ )

Touch that and it will open to show you all the vehicles you have ever used your Sync up device on. 

Pick the one you want to view.

I recently bought a new vehicle and switched my device to the new car. Is there any way I can get the trips from the previous car I owned before I switched it over? I say that so I can calculate the mileage driven on both cars in the 2020 year.

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That's super strange you're getting that error with signal. You'll want to Community-2153​ and have one of our Experts or T-Force specialists file a ticket for you.