can't access acount after logging out

  • 11 October 2023
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 I started having the issue a week ago October 1st . I called them and I went to the store. I log in to the website with my correct password ( it's written down)  then it says we're going to send you a code via text message or each email to prove it's you .. I enter that code and then it says you're logged out you don't have access. Got stuff resolved I THOUGHT



I had an iissue Again TONIGHT .

 I did it once it was correct ...called customer service  told him there is a problem,  he gave me a temporary password I logged in and changed it.

I made sure to log out while he was on the phone to see if it would happen and it did I could not log back in correct password they send me a code and then they say no access..


I have a prepaid account I cannot be the only one that runs into this issue.


I have no problem logging in to create a post though where don't you think

1 reply