Can't refill prepaid account online

  • 22 December 2020
  • 7 replies

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Anyone else not able to refill their prepaid account online? My option is grayed out for 2 months now, nobody can tell me what's going on with it, I have to call to get it refilled. 


7 replies

I’m having the same issues. I have to call to pay my bill every month now as none of the site features work. None of the links texted to me every work either.

Same here - I joined Tmobile earlier this year, and have never been able to refill via the website yet. It’s very frustrating that something as simple as paying a bill requires calling in to customer service. 

Same issue.  It’s amazing.  This website has never worked correctly in the year plus that I’ve had T-mobile service.  It’s hard to believe that a large company like this has a website that looks (and operates) like a site that was built by complete amateurs.  Now I just chuckle every time I go to the website and shake my head in disbelief.

I am so angry. I have tried 10 times to refill my prepaid account online and it won’t work. Payment is processed by my credit card and then refunded back to my credit card (I have to log into my credit card account to see what is happening, because Tmobile website reveals nothing). The Tmobile site just freezes and somehow cancels my payment without my selecting to cancel it.

yep same here. Had this issue 3 months ago. Now this month again, pink popup after payment submitted with no text. tried 3 times on the phone and same on laptop. first 2 laptop attempts random errors, then server processing error, then the link from phone to refill went down. After chatting to an agent, the online form worked now- i think they limit your account when it ticks over the date.


What a joke ppl.

not able to refill my prepaid number. been trying since two days



I have my account set for auto-pay. Hope I don’t get the same problem I have pre paid account.