I cannot access my t-mobile account with my app; nor can I on the web..

  • 1 March 2019
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When I log in on the web using my laptop or my cell phone, this error appears.

F451 Service Unavailable

"UH oh; it looks like we have our wired crossed!"

Login on the T-Mobile app; this error message appears.

"Sorry we're not ready for you yet; we're working on improving your app experience."

My phone number used to be on my sister's family account with T-mobile for a very long time and within the last two weeks, my sister and I decided that I open a new prepaid account and my phone number be ported because I didn't want a different phone number. Upon my service activation, all went south. The site and the t-mobile app worked as expected until then. When I tried to register my t-mobile account, I couldn't register with my same email address. I called 611 and they weren't successful afterwards. After more than 72 hours, I still couldn't transfer my email address to my account so I decided to go postpaid. At this point these error messages started.

I screen-captured both error messages and both screenshots are on my profile pics (email address error too).

Please note that I have called 611 and spent an hour with tech support and the end result was "give 72 hours for porting to complete."


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Same things have been happening to me the last three days;  both problems with my bill; problems logging in and problems with tech help.  This is insane.  How can they know they have problems like this and punish their customers instead of admitting there is a systemic problem?

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I have been wrestling with this problem for quite awhile, and nobody has an answer. I had access to both site and app. I had full use of the app until 3 weeks ago. On the site I can get the some info. I was led to believe that it would be fixed over a month ago. Still hoping!

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Hi, @george2104158799​!

Welcome to our Support Community and thanks for uploading photos of the two errors you have received. The error that states that "we're not ready for you yet" means that your account type is not compatible with our T-Mobile App. It sounds like our teams are working to get your T-Mobile ID (email address) that was associated with the prepaid account reset to work with postpaid. Since it has been more than 72 since you posted, how are things working for you now?

@magenta3326166​, I'm sorry you're running into issues with your account but I just replied to your other post:

Re: Fake message - I deleted Mobile Internet account​.

I've had the same problem since the beginning. For a while I could access my account through the T-Mobile app but that does not work anymore, any idea?

The message is "F451 - It looks like we have our wires crossed"



I've gotten that error since day one (March 2021) after getting TMHI. I've never been able to access my account and have been trying to get the YouTubeTV promotion too no avail yet :(

Been having the same problem for about 3 weeks now can't get any help to fix it not only that but they disconnected my service in the middle of the month for no apparent reason and are charging me $26 for it