My T-mobile app for prepaid

  • 26 October 2018
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Hey Everyone!


We did a bit more digging and did find this to be true for most prepaid accounts. We're in the process of upgrading the MyT-Mobile App experience for our prepaid users which will hopefully provide more options than you had before. Sorry you weren't notified a head of time, however, while we're fixing it up, you can have a few other ways you can manage your account here.

I’m a new T-Mobile prepaid customer and I’m not finding an app that works for my account yet, and I can’t find any way to track my data usage online at Has this been resolved? Looks like this posting is three years old. 

Almost 4 years later and still no app.

I applied and received the project 10 million hotspot, and found out it was activated under prepaid. No issue there, but the tmobile app does not work for me. I'm thinking that prepaid users will never get access to an app, I kinda wish there was an easier way to access my data usage since it's only 100gb a year.

Yeah. Ok. 4 years later. And people  are still Googling this question... so the app is gonna be fixed when?

You have been """""""in the process""""""" for literally half a decade at this point. What is the holdup‽‽‽