Unable to access prepaid account on since Oct 12

  • 15 October 2018
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I too am having the same problems accessing my (2) Prepaid Accounts via the login page. I get the same "..try again in a few minutes" page. A far as contacting Customer Service, I am TOTALLY frustrated with the "6 to 9 hour" wait-times or "call-back" times (I DO NOT like call-backs). Have you called Customer Service lately? The problems are on T-Mobile's end and they need to address them. I love the Products and the Services, but Account Management and Customer Service are BOTH dysfunctional and need to be repaired. Thank you for reading this. I wrote what I did thinking that you might be a T-Mobile employee. Sorry if my frustration shows.

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Have you tried calling the 2 numbers in my reply? I don't have a problem getting into the T-Mobile site. Do you live far from a corporate T-Mobile store? Visit the store or call them.

I was hoping for something closer to T Mobile fixing their website?

That's correct. *ADD also lets you top up with a credit or debit card as well as with a refill PIN card or code.

Also, T-Mobile needs to fix Not only is it broken for some users but it's not formatted properly in mobile browsers.

If you have a refill card, I think you can apply it to your account by dialing *ADD

I too am having this problem. I have multiple phones. I can log in and see the different accounts, but I cannot select any. I get the following message:

We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

I cannot select an account and therefore cannot pay and my phone is out of minutes!

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There are 2 numbers that are used: 1) 611 (Customer Service);  2) 1-800-866-2453.  If you use the 611 use TROUBLESHOOTING option. Before I answered your question I could get to my T-Mobile account with no problem. Hope this helps.