Unable to access prepaid account on since Oct 12

  • 15 October 2018
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Ever since Friday October 12, 2018, I've been able to complete the online login on to access my prepaid accounts, it worked fine prior to that. On that day after I logged in I was greeted with a message saying my password was too old and it forced me to change the password which I did. After logging in successfully with the new password, as usual I get the "Select account" screen where I select prepaid number I want to manage as I have multiple prepaid numbers on this account, the link to that page is:

After selecting a number I get the message: "We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again."
I get the same message if I select the other numbers as well. So it appears whatever changes they made to the site last week didn't account for prepaid accounts with multiple numbers associated with the login as I can't complete the login anymore. Can someone please forward this to the appropriate department at T-mobile?


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There are 2 numbers that are used: 1) 611 (Customer Service);  2) 1-800-866-2453.  If you use the 611 use TROUBLESHOOTING option. Before I answered your question I could get to my T-Mobile account with no problem. Hope this helps.

I too am having this problem. I have multiple phones. I can log in and see the different accounts, but I cannot select any. I get the following message:

We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

I cannot select an account and therefore cannot pay and my phone is out of minutes!

If you have a refill card, I think you can apply it to your account by dialing *ADD

That's correct. *ADD also lets you top up with a credit or debit card as well as with a refill PIN card or code.

Also, T-Mobile needs to fix Not only is it broken for some users but it's not formatted properly in mobile browsers.

I was hoping for something closer to T Mobile fixing their website?

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Have you tried calling the 2 numbers in my reply? I don't have a problem getting into the T-Mobile site. Do you live far from a corporate T-Mobile store? Visit the store or call them.

I too am having the same problems accessing my (2) Prepaid Accounts via the login page. I get the same "..try again in a few minutes" page. A far as contacting Customer Service, I am TOTALLY frustrated with the "6 to 9 hour" wait-times or "call-back" times (I DO NOT like call-backs). Have you called Customer Service lately? The problems are on T-Mobile's end and they need to address them. I love the Products and the Services, but Account Management and Customer Service are BOTH dysfunctional and need to be repaired. Thank you for reading this. I wrote what I did thinking that you might be a T-Mobile employee. Sorry if my frustration shows.

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I ain't even close to being a T-Mobile employee, but I appreciate the question. I have never had a problem getting to a rep through CS (611). Do you live far from a corporate T-Mobile store? I would suggest calling the store for help, but I really don't like that idea due to security. Perhaps a moderator or a pillar of the Community might see your question, and jump right in to help. BTW, I just have a Pay As You Go $3 a month plan. I like helping when I can.

Agree calling customer service has been a waste of time, this is not an individual account problem that calling them can solve. There's a technical issue with the logging into their website with accounts that have multiple prepaid accounts associated with them, it's been reported to them by plenty of people already but it's still not been fixed.

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Have you tried a nearby corporate T-Mobile store? Have you tried T-

Force? I don't use FB or Twitter (and I don't have any inclination to do so). I am not a T-Mobile employee, but I do have a prepaid account (no texts or messaging).  There haven't been any moderators that have chimed in on this post.  If you called 611 did you choose TROUBLESHOOTING? I have been with T-Mobile for over a year and have had no problems.  Did you get, or request a TICKET #?

I'm experiencing exact same problem as everyone else here...Question...since there's money un my account and since i need to ACCESS my account to purchase day/week/month data pass what am i supposed to do...

Also, has anyone else noticed that TMobile is getting more and more like METROpcs with contempt for customers, nonexistent customer service and a huge propensity for ripping off the customer?

sincerely, 1atwitsend

if your account is a mobile HOTSPOT account, unfortunately you can't DIAL what then?

SAME problem everyone else seems to be having...Also, i have FUNDS in my account to buy future day/week/montly data passes for my mobile hotspot ... how am i supposed to purchase data pass with those funds if i can't access my account.

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I just checked my account. Got the "Sorry" message to add funds. It might be down for an upgrade. Have you tried Customer Service (611)? Do you live far from a corporate T-Mobile store? Regarding your hotspot I am on the Pay As You Go $3 a month plan, and I cannot get one of these. Where I live my reception is pretty good. On this site search for "SHORT CODES". Prepaid accounts are unable to use the my T-Mobile app. This is one facet of T-Mobile I feel like a "step-child". I have been using for months until a couple of weeks ago. It worked perfectly for me (John Legere, hope you read this). If you don't know what short codes are they usually use  # or #  with 3 numbers. Hope that helps.  EDIT @ 6:08 A    I got access to MY ACCOUNT STATUS.

My funds are already there...i've had this account as well as additional but separate pay as you go plans for years...was ALWAYS able to refill my hotspot data by accessing "my t mobile" fact, the confirmation when i add funds specifically tells me to go there to use the funds i just added.

As far as "must be temporarily down" ...i've been getting the same "try again in a few minutes" message for almost TWO WEEKS...

As far as "going to corporate"...that sounds like the runaround i got from Metro pcs years ago, when, against my better judgement, i signed up for their service...they still owe me $40 for service i paid for but never received...

thanx anyway

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When I say "corporate T-Mobile store" T-Mobile has "corporate stores" and "3rd party stores". Did you call 611? If you do the social media thing you probably know about T-FORCE.  Call 611, and choose option TROUBLESHOOTING. Since you have been here for years you should have a bunch of experience. Hey, I've tried.

I have tried different browsers and different time of day many time, the site is not working for me. It shows my account number, but does not show any account information.

"We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again. "

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Have you called 611 ? If I have a problem that's who I call. The people there have always been good for help.  I re-read your first post. Just a couple of days ago I got a message that T-Mobile wanted me to change my password. I did. I can't do anything. Please give 611 a chance.

I have the same Problem since November 8th, when I was asked to change my Password. Several talks to customer service did not help. Go to a local T-Mobile store was a waste of time. Chatting with a representative as well. I am now in Germany and I hope the problem will be fixed by February, when I have to recharge my accounts. It is a shame, that such a big Company is`nt capable to handle such things. Perhaps they want to get rid off prepaid accounts, as they do not generate enough Profit !!!!

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A few minutes ago I tried to log in to my prepaid account. At first I got the dreaded "SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT!" I tried to move to support, and my account popped up. Regarding prepaid accounts I have tried twice to find out how many customers are prepaid. No answer. Last week I was asked to change my password. I did, and no problem, yet. What I figure MOST of the moderators and T-Mobile employees won't be back here until Monday. In Germany? I got to live in England in 1962-64. My dad was in the USAF. I had a ball! Hopefully, a moderator, or two, should these posts.

I had the same problem so I called the support. Of course I can't wait on line forever so I provided the call-back number and somebody did call back. So far so good. First question I had was about this log in issue that I didn't have before. Customer support said there were indeed some issues with the site and would be fixed soon. I totally understood that and I believed what he said. He told me there were other ways to check the balance and pay instead of using on-line tools. I said I knew but I don't like to use phone to do that. I like to log in and do that on the computer. Anyway, a month later and I tried to log in again and had the same issue. I started to think T-mobile just doesn't like people like us with pay-as-you go account because for sure they make low from these types of accounts.

I've been having the same type of problem, and different versions of it, for several weeks now. Sometimes I'm sent straight to the correct page and if I'm lucky, it works correctly, but most often I get one of the dreaded error messages. Sometimes I'm sent to a page asking if I want to activate a new device, yet it gives me the option to login again, sometimes I'm then sent to the correct page, but most often get another error message. This weekend they even locked me out - "We've temporarily locked your account to protect your information...wait 24 hours to regain account access." So, in short, the problems are getting worse! I think it's time to take my business elsewhere. My device is a mobile hotspot that I've been using for several years - it works great most of the time, except for the SLOW "Edge" network that sometimes shows up after rainy weather, obviously the 4G equipment is not weatherproof.

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Have you checked a map in your area of what Bands are available? I live near the 61820 zip code. The Bands are 2 and 4. When I moved from AT&T (14 years) I brought with me an S5, unlocked AT&T. I had it barely a year. Last December I purchased a Stylo 3 Plus. That was a good move. Since you don't mention the phone model you wrote that it was several years old. A member here made a comment to me that there are "variables" that cause problems. I am on the Pay As You Go $3 a month plan. Early yesterday morning I FINALLY got back the my T-Mobile app. May I suggest taking your phone to a CORPORATE T-Mobile store, and let them take a lokk at it. I did that with the S5 as the settings had to changed. The store should be able to tell you where the cell towers are located.

The bands used would have nothing to do with T-mobiles website not working correctly, plus that is always done at work or home, directly connected to the internet.  I do not have a phone through T-mobile, I have a mobile hotspot.  The hotspot works fine at least 90% of the time, always has a very strong 4G signal.  Sometimes it will only connect at the very slow "EDGE" speed following rainy weather and this happens at the exact same locations with normally strong 4G signals, so that problem is not the hotspot.

So I finally got someone from tech support that's smart enough to know how to fix this issue.  I have two accounts:  a monthly plan and a pay as you go.  I have not been able to login to the pay as you go account for two months like many of you.  The tech support guy told me they're having problems with two different phones numbers tied to the same email address.  So this is how my particular problem was fixed (not sure you guys have identical problem as mine):

Have the tech support "un-link" the second number from your online account

Go to Tmobile's website and set up a new login for the second number, but use a different email address.

That's it.  I'm able to access my pay as you go account.

The drawback is I have to access each number's account individually, but I can live with that.

Best of luck.