playing ads when calling customer care is annoying


Does anyone else hate calling customer care and every few seconds hear an ad about T Mobile app.  I have complained before but nothing. Why we need to hear ad saying to download T Mobile app and it plays every few seconds so if on hold for 45 minutes then can hear 100 times.


Best answer by gramps28 2 June 2024, 23:23

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What do you expect if you have a captive audience and they're probably wanting people to instead use chat or messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media accounts for support.

I know when I call my credit card company I here all about their offers and other ways to get support.

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The shameless, self-promoting ads are not quite as bad as many of T-Mobile’s horrendous on-hold music choices, made more torturous by inexcusably extended hold times of 13 to, over, 35 minutes. What happened to the option permitting customers to press ‘1’ and receive a call back from T-Mobile while keeping their place in line?