T-Mobile App login no longer works with password managers

  • 22 May 2024
  • 1 reply


I use a password manager for my unique passwords. It’s always worked fine with the T-Mobile app. Now if I paste anything into the login screen, the app locks / freezes / hangs. No more input. Also the info doesn’t actually get pasted. So even if the UX came back to life, the password isn’t populated.


developers please stop doing whatever it is you’re trying to do to “protect” the login and password fields. This is a well understood problem. Don’t t try and suppress paste operations into these fields.


those of us with 20+ character passwords don’t want to type them out each time.

1 reply

I’m new to TMobile and having the same issue using pw manager and trying to paste.  PW manager helps to have complex long passwords that I don’t want to type in each w.