2 Hour Wait Customer Service

  • 30 December 2020
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Hello I have tried twice now to contact T-Mobile and both times says two hour wait.  I requested a call back the first time and did not get one.  How to I get help as I am shocked to hear 2 hour wait!

14 replies

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Horrific customer service since merger!

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Two hour wait time on phone for customer service, seriously!

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you can try to contact the TFORCE via facebook or twitter as well..might end up a quicker option rather than calling in.

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I have no clue what’s going on.. I’ve tried calling multiple times all with 2 hour wait times. This is not the IRS during tax season.. why is the wait so long!!

I was on hold today from 5:21pm and disconnected at 7:10pm. I called again at 9:50pm and it's now 11:15pm...still on hold. What happened to "customer service" at Tmobile? This use to be what made their inferior network somewhat tolerable. :(

The option to press #1 on the call back doesn't work and the text message option doesn't work either. I'm stuck waiting hours for customer service. 

I've been with T-Mobile since day one over 20 years. Great customer service. When I had only 500 minutes of call time, but was on vacation, they would grant me additional time at no cost. After a few prompts, you always got CS right away. Imagine my shock to need them recently and be on hold for hours. Also my 5G doesn't work. I only seem to be connected when I'm home. When I go out, coverage is sketchy. I called today and sa4 on hold. I decided to just hangup through my headset, but the phone didn't. 25 minutes later, I'm still hearing the same, we have great customer service blah blah on the line. You did once, T-Mobile, and now you're too big for you britches! Another company giving us less for more money! 🤬

Waiting on the call for more than 2 hours. No way ….  Leaving them for 1 min wait time - Mint :-)

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Waiting on the call for more than 2 hours. No way ….  Leaving them for 1 min wait time - Mint :-)

You know Mint uses Tmobile towers and MNVO customer service is worse than the big 3.

I have a line through an MNVO and it took me 3 days and many calls just to activate a new phone.

Good Luck

The people I talk to are amazing no issues at all with them I had a lady named Kat who was just amazing BUT explain to me please the crazy wait times and no matter what time I’m trying to call it takes FOREVER to get to another human. I just want a return receipt sent to me so I can send back a phone that I didn’t even want when I was just trying to get home internet. No problem when it comes to sales that process only too 2 minutes. Now I can’t get the help I need to save my life. I have spent about 4 hours on the phone now trying to send this unopened phone back. Can I just take it back to a brick and mortar store and be done with it? This is insane! 

T-Mobil must not need my business.  The two hour wait time for customer service tells me they have way more on their plate that they could ever possibly eat.  They appear to be corporate gluttons.  Sell, sell, sell, but no customer service.

You would think nothing could be worse than a two hour wait for customer service, but then you add on the worst hold music of any global corporation and it truly is a MISERABLE experience.

Since the merger, it’s been a total shit show. I had Sprint for 16 years, called customer service 3 times. Had T Mobile for 5 days already on the phone with them 4 times, all with a crazy weight. The CSR tried to pass the buck to Apple, Apple redirected me to the my phone provider. The wait time in the store is just as crazy as the wait time for on the phone. I left them after one week. 

2 hour waits in-store; and now 2 hour waits for “support chat” are JD Power worthy? Need support for the 2 iPads purchased; subsequently canceled by your company. Are you trying to drive us away? Need support ASAP. Not wanting to wait two hours at every attempt.

dont feel bad i called at 6 the 1 day needed help bad when did they call me back  1210 midnight i hung up why was sleeping . i tryed again got the robot who makes you say your code i say dont have it  he gives me hard time.  then robot says 1 hour 30 min  . waited never hapend then  talked to robot and 2 hours . never happend . did it again  got call after 6 and half hours i was on train never got it . i bought new phone i dont like  has this  away thing and locks me out = guess what its going back i cant put up with it . i been with t mobil 6 and half years and cant even get in touch i tryed att for kicks  got them 1 min go figure . they better tighten up or im gone and mr ed the robot who tells you to get the apples store tmobil app i hope he jumps off a bridge