5G/ 4G: Poor service or no service Frankfort, Indiana


Is anyone in Indiana experiencing poor service or no service during the day in Frankfort, Indiana? My speed test is failing and I have been told time and time again over the course of two years that the tower’s are being worked on. I had One Plus 7T phones last year and two different signal boosters sent to me. This year I decided to step up to 5G and was sold the One Plus ( 5G phone). My signal and service has been horrible! Right now there is no service and an astric showing. I have called and called to talk with T-Mobile but to no avail. I am waiting since 10:00 a.m. for someone to handle my ongoing problem. No one has called yet. The jump on demand service in Lafayette, Indiana was not put through right, they lost our phones and I was billed for them as soon as I turned them in at the T-Moblile store. I am still seeing charges on my bill for equipment installation plan  and protection plans for the old phones. Poor service all the way around. I am tired and frustrated and my bill still grows. Is anyone else having these issues???

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