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  • 5 March 2021
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I switched 3 lines from Verizon/ATT to T Mobile. At the time of switching, there was a promotion of trading in an old iPhone with around 530 bill credits plus the trade-in value. 

I traded in my old iPhone 7 Plus which had a scratch. I selected that option and my trade-in value went down from 200 (or maybe it was more dont remember) to 34 dollars but the promotion went through. I traded in my working iPhone 7 plus for 34 dollars since I was getting the promotion of 530 bill credits. 

Everything went through and I switched to T mobile. In the first 2 months, I received the 34 dollar credit for trade-in and 2 monthly credits as well. Now this month I was informed that my promotion was canceled because the phone had a scratch. I called the service and they said that well phone needed to be in good condition and it was mentioned somewhere in the terms and conditions.

I said to them if that was a condition then why did the promotion go through in the first place? I informed them about the scratch and hence my trade-in value went down from xxx to 34 but no one at that time told me that I won't get the promotion. 

Obviously, the trick was that they wanted me to enroll because I was getting the 530 credit and later they would invalidate the promotion. They could have done that at the start i.e. before I switched to Tmobile. When they can do that for trade-in value (i.e. determine trade in value and reduce it) why cant they use the same system to let customers know that you won't get the promotion because you have selected the scratch option.

They lured me in. Now I cannot go out as I have other lines as well. I am paying the full phone price. My working phone which just had a scratch is gone for 34 dollars. I could have used it myself as a second phone.

All because at the start they let the trade-in through but skipped telling us that the same option that you selected would disqualify you on promotion. I can't complain to anyone. 

A total disaster experience. I hope this will help someone. I am willing to pay the full price but I would never have traded my Iphone 7 Plus 128 GB for 34 dollars if I knew I wont get the promotion. Instead everything went through and now I am stuck. 

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I mean hairline crack and not scratch. Sorry.


Also, I talked with the sales rep and manager for like 1 hour and tried to explain the problem in the system. They were nice and respectful but did nothing in return. I explained to them the situation and why I am frustrated. If I knew at the start or if the system had stopped me then I would not have traded in my phone for 34 dollars. Instead, they said we informed you on Feb 4th that your promotion is invalidated. I told them what good is that? I started the service in Nov/Dec. This is besides the point when you informed me. 

The point is if someone is telling you that his phone has a crack and he is giving his phone to you for 34 dollars then he should at that time be told that you won't get a promotion because you have selected a damaged option. Once I traded the phone, once I joined, what good is a message that came 2 months after. She said well we give customers the benefit of the doubt. I said when it comes to trade-in we are not given any benefit of the doubt and the trade-in value drops to 34 dollars but the other promotion option is determined later so that we go through and join first and are stuck for 2-3 years.


I just did not like the attitude of customer service. I felt very helpless and the attitude of customer service was very cold basically was waiting for me to end it. Never had this bad experience before.