Blocking a number for all numbers under an account

  • 25 August 2021
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I’m an IT person for our company, and we have a person calling the numbers of our employees;

We know its option to block the numbers by giving them instructions, but we wanted to accommodate for people who might not be tech savvy, or for the occasion that we need to do this again.


Wanted to know if there was a way to block a number for 100 numbers under our account?

2 replies

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We have a Family Allowance feature that the main line can use to block specific numbers on the account for the lines. If it’s just one or a couple numbers, I’d recommend just blocking it from the device’s individual settings.

I understand folks not being super savvy, but that feature may not be the best choice if it’s only one number that needs to be blocked.


No, it will be necessary.

We have 100 numbers that we need to protect from being called, these are people who are frequently on the road and spam calls that can be avoided is better.

The pattern we’re seeing is they seem to have gotten our numbers and are going down the list.