Business Family Discount

  • 4 January 2021
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How does the BFD work? I thought it was supposed to be $20 off first line and $20 Off second. Up to $40 savings. On my T-Mobile one, the BFD seems so arbitrary. The total discount is about $35. 

3 replies

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The BFD works like this: If you have a T-Mobile line that your company pays for, then you can get up to $20 off your single personal line or up to $40 off your personal family plan. 

We have a list of this and other discounts on our dedicated Discounts page.

Hi there, 

sorry to bring this thread back from the dead. I used to get the business/family discount and one day it just disappeared. When I called, the agent couldn’t help me. How do I get the discount back? my company still uses t-mobile as our main service and ive been with the company for 9 years.


Hi there, I am a long time t mobile customer and getting BFD on my family plan. Does your Magenta Max offer the same BFD? Please advise since I am about to upgrade my account. Waiting for your response …………. Thank you,