Business Family Discounts from T-Mobile

  • 8 May 2018
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I just found out that my company have discount with tmobile through this link: Business Family Discounts | Business Paid Phone Discounts | T-Mobile

I have a question for step 3: You’ll link your business­ ­number to personal number.

What does it mean?

Will my personal and work number be linked? How does it mean/work?

I want to separate work and personal. Thanks.


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2 replies

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Hi there! Great question! In order to verify eligibility for a Business Family Discount, one of the requirements is that you provide us with your T-Mobile work number so that we can confirm it meets the qualifications for a discount on your personal account. You'll start that process by entering your company-paid T-Mobile work number in the box on the right, and then as you proceed, you'll provide your personal number info. Your company-paid line and your personal line will still be billed separately, and no connection will be made as far as the incoming/outgoing calls on each phone -- it's really just an eligibility verification step. 😊

I will say that not every rate plan qualifies for a Business Family Discount -- if you'd like to let me know what type of plan your family is on; I can do a double check to see if BFD is available for that plan type! 😊

@tmo_marissa can you please send me a private message. I am having a heck of a time with T-mobile customer service saying I don't get the discount but I do...