Business service is NO Service

  • 12 August 2021
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Been a long time business client, 7+ years and currently looking to switch carriers. Back in November had an issue with a promotion and supervisor agreed to credit my account $300 on early July. It's now been 8 times of contacting TMobile customer service to see why my account hasn't been credited. Each time I waste at minimum an hour to hour and a half explaining the same thing to each person with promises  to resolve the issue and promptly credit my account. To date it STILL has not been done. I've charged TMobile additional fees for inconvenience to be credited as well and still waiting on those too. 


I've spoken to 4 supervisors and 5 customer service reps. what point is TMobile actually going to do what they say they will? I run a business and my time is valuable as well. Every time I'm tied up with them I'm losing money and I'm waiting for TMobile to honor the credits. Truly disgusted at the lack of follow through and total disregard for my time. 

1 reply

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Have you tried contacting Tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms? They're a higher tier of support and may be able to help.