Can anyone tell me where i can get a service that isn't absolutely life ruining?

  • 23 October 2021
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I am currently seeking legitimate legal counsel as a modern day slave and scapegoat, I've had my identity stolen and have been stalked and sabotaged by many entities or 'bad actors' ya know, like real horror show my brothers,  my child has been abducted for six months and when I make calls they get rerouted and it's all due to perverse surveillance and false charges,an attempt to avoid the police and yet even my lawyer is in leagues and my medical mj provider has even had a piece of the pie.  Facebook entities,  impersonators of all shapes and sizes, none of which are genuine.  One or two might actually do what they say they do but not genuinely.  Has everyone in this state been bought off? Arristocats and truste watchdogs and their crooked lawyers and lapdogs. I  am never without two or three people within a thousand feet of me constantly assaulting me real time with Linux booting and the android studios. Be careful if you buy a one plus 9 5G one of the code be lopes ordered 14777 of them off my amazon accountthrough a third party amazon app, who am I kidding, he had help, not from batman the other one and an oompa loompa  (I figure cuz he LOVES orange) and Johnny Utah and some logistics and hotels even my old colleagues go through my trash and give me hell.  I am so frustrated about all of this, I even found out that my own parents and sis have been consorting with my prosecution and attempting to make it seem like I'm not fit, like a transient by design.  I will be most appreciative if someone with an active license to practice law could attempt to give me a call,  I will prefer anot eager intellectual newbie the fat cats are all bought off and performing atrocities against me. Lawyers eh? Anything to get that green or be able to say something and be validated by their masters. Mine are not so kind.  Instead of a pat on the head they would like to see me in a hospital bed or even dead. This is very serious my name is Eric Dimmick from Utah,  oh and if an entity with stark nakedness offends you that's simply my thief domain broker.  I think he's a little touched in the head. Days and days of evidence and every day I gather more sabotage as well as more proof. So do try to help me out. I will reciprocate, I always do 

3eight5three0seven8five28 and 26 same sequence but one's gold and ones silver but they both have me in the sandbox of hell please help

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