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  • 27 November 2018
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We signed up for a new business account and added one line about 4 weeks ago to try out the service. Tried to signup to my T-mobile and have never been able to login. I have called several times and demonstrated the issue and they are still researching it. Trouble ticket number is 29928166. The issue is every time we try to login we get the attached. Certainly this cannot be the issue for close to a month and there must be something wrong with the account. The app also provides a similar message. Anybody from t-mobile support here who can help before we give up?


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10 replies

This has been the case with my accounts since at least October.  At that time, the customer service rep was unable to explain why the "updating the website" was making the experience impossible.  I have always had some issues with the TMobile app, but the website was always reliable.  Since then, I have used the pay-by-phone option to try and keep my accounts current.  I am unimpressed by the people servicing the website.

Thanks - is there anybody from tmobile support monitoring these threads and responding? Not being able to manage our account online is a deal breaker for us.

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We've been getting folks reporting this issue and my apologies this is happening to you too. We've got our engineers working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. If yo do need to make any account changes, you can Community-2153​ and have our Team of Experts or T-Force team get you taken care of.

Don’t get it

The app has been useless and the website is always down.  Is this exclusive to business customers???  all I want to do is view and pay my EIP balances and I was told I can just call and have them do it over the phone...of course after being on hold this 1990?  It cannot be that hard to make a functional website for business customers..or just copy the regular tmobile site that I have been using for over ten years.  I'm seriously thinking of switching for the first time.  Absolutely unbelievable that this continues to be a problem and it is not addressed.

It's not just business customers. I've been having the same issue on a personal account for weeks.

I found a way to  work around for temporary. Open another tab in browser, google the log in page of T-mobil, open it and somehow it sign you in.

Yep same here can't log in time to blog a complaint,this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

I can log in but that's IT.

I can't view my bill to see the charges since there are discrepancies. When I click on View Bill I am prompted to pay immediately by credit card.

Why would I want to pay without verifying what the extra charges are?

Try from another device clear your cookies then hope your issues will be solved. face same issue with My site before long time.