• 31 August 2021
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I have been with T-mobile for 18 years!  My longest commitment to anything thus far in my life!

I have been a business customer now for 7 years and could not be more disappointed in T-mobile service.  I called T-mobile as I would like to add a line (4th line) and upgrade the phone on the 3rd line.  There is a buy one get one free Iphone 12 right now however, I am looking for a less expensive option for the buy one get one free offer and T-mobile has no option for me.  I am actually looking to save Tmobile money by asking them to do a buy one get one deal on a less expensive option than what they are offering right now

Verizon will pay off the 2 Iphones that I am currently paying for and give me 4 new Iphone 12.

I am saddened that I have been dedicated to T-mobile for this long and they are willing to let my loyalty go so easy!

What happened to customer service???  What happened to “let out experts know what you want and how to improve service and we will do it”?

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