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  • 23 December 2019
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I wanted to share my experience with T-Mobile.  I visited the store in Ashburn, VA on 12/1/19 to switch my account I had with Verizon for close to 20 years with T-Mobile.  T-Mobile was running a Black Friday promotion on iPhones and my wife and daughter wanted new phones for Christmas.  My daughter had a iPhone 6s, which was going to be traded in for an iPhone 11.  My wife had an iPhone 6, which was only eligible to be traded in for an iPhone 8.  The store rep, Anthony, ordered the phones and had them shipped out.  We setup a military business account, ordered the phones, ported over our numbers, and just needed to wait for the new phones.

Once we left the store I started receiving welcome emails from T-Mobile.  I logged into the new account and noticed my account wasn’t setup as the primary account holder.  I called support to have this fixed and was on the phone with support for about an hour.  Seems like this would be a simple fix in a computer system that should only take a few minutes, but I was transferred a couple times in order to get someone that could fix it.  The rep said it could take up to 24 hours to take in the system, but everything should be all set.  It never went through.

On 12/3/19 the new iPhones arrived.  We went to the store to have the new phones activated and trade in the old phones.  I asked the ladies working at the store about the primary account holder, they checked, made a few changes, and said I should be all set.  They activated the new phones and said we would need to call customer service to get shipping labels and mail the old phones out ourselves.  I mailed the old phones out a few days later.  I also checked to see if I was listed as the primary account holder yet and I was not.

On 12/19/19 I receive notification that the iPhone 6 had been received and a $13 credit was added to the account.  Far cry from the cost of the $500 iPhone 8.  I logged into my account to see if I can get additional details, but since I was not listed yet as the primary account holder I could not see anything.  On 12/20/19 I called customer service again to get this resolved.  I was switched around a couple times again and a gentlemen was able to add me as the primary account holder.  Once I logged into the account I saw that they reversed the trade in’s.  They showed the iPhone 6s being traded in for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 6 being traded in for the iPhone 11, which made the promotions invalid.  After spending an hour on the phone with customer care they said the best thing to do would be go to the store and have the store fix the issue.  The rep called the store and told them what happened and let them know I was on my way.

When I arrived at the store the manager told me they would take care of it and give me a call later that afternoon once everything was resolved.  The store called later that afternoon and said that they are not able to fix the issue yet, but will give me a call back shortly once it was resolved.  They never called back, so I decided to go into the store to find out what was going on.  The store rep, Anthony, that setup the account was there and admitted he made a mistake when putting the phones in the system and accidentally reversed the phones.  He said he didn’t have any luck with customer service.  The manager suggested he call promotions, so he did.  We were on the phone with promotions for almost 3 hours trying to get this resolved.  Promotions said it would be difficult to fix.  At this point I said just cancel the account and gave them the new iPhones back.  They said T-Mobile would be unable to send our old phones back to us.  The store general manager offered to give us a one time credit of $450 on the iPhone 11.  I said only if I can pay cash for the remaining balance and not be locked into a 2 year finance contract.  They said that was not possible, so I told them to cancel the account.

The store made a mistake entering in the information when the account was setup.  I had no access as the primary account holder to look at the account, and they reversed the phones, making the promotions invalid.  To top it off, now I can’t even get my old phones back.  I will be porting my numbers back over to Verizon today and go through the cancellation process with T-Mobile once the numbers are ported back to Verizon.  Now since I don’t have my old phones to trade into Verizon, more than likely I will pay full price for new phones and not be eligible for any trade in promotions.  It’s yet to be seen whether T-Mobile is going to be a problem with canceling the account and not having to pay any more money.

T-Mobile brags about customer service and brags about what they do for military veterans.  While being pleasant is a part of great customer services, resolving issues in a timely manner is more important.  This has been one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had.  Just really bad business.  As a veteran and business owner I am so disappointed in this experience.  Verizon may be a little more expensive, but in 20 years I never had an issue.

13 replies

Hi Magenta10503952,

I have a similar issue, but a little different. I  wish they would fix what ever issues they have with trade in value of the older iPhone 6s and their promotional advertisement. I think the communication they have with instore personnel and on phone assistance needs to be on the same page when giving information.

So far, my experience with T-Mobile is aggravating. Before I decided to get a new phone, I was extremely happy with the services T-Mobile has provided me. Things I enjoy about T-Mobile are the T-Mobile customer service (over the phone and in store) and the military one plan (which is still amazing). On the phone or in store, the representatives are always willing to help and want the best for you, but it seems like there is only so much they can do to fix your issue. It seems that the issue is with communication form what the store tells you and what they say on line.

Where it started to go wrong is when I decided to get a new phone for myself, not my wife, but for me. I am not the type of person that always wants the newest and greatest. I normally wait and get a new phone once my older phone craps out or is no longer supported by the company. However, because of what was promised (a 450 trade in value of a rose gold Iphone 6s) I decided to go with the trade in. The in-store rep said “the phone looks in good condition and it should be fine.” So I decided to opt in for the highest model of the iPhone 11 pro 512 GB and trade in my phone. At the time, there where deals all over the place (T-Mobile, Apple, and other cellphone carriers), but because I am a loyal customer, I decided to go with T-Mobile. This seemed like a good idea, but now that I’m having issues, this was mistake number 1.

The in-store rep did not have the phone I wanted so, they ended up ordering the iPhone for me which was promised in 2 days, but because of the holidays (Christmas and New Year’s), it did not get to me until the 7th day. After getting the phone I inputted all my data, redid all my passwords, got all my applications in order, and my I phone was personally set up for me which took hours because I found out the back up data was corrupted. When I was ready to deliver and package my iPhone 6s, there was a problem with the shipping label. The way the trade-in was set up was incorrect and the phone rep was required to redo the transaction again. So, they had to send me a new transaction with a new iPhone 11 pro to trade for my iPhone 6S so that way I can finally get my shipping label. This was mistake number 2.

I finally get my second iPhone 11 and it all seemed like things where coming together and I was able to trust the T-Mobile process again. I was finally able to ship my iPhone 6s with a good promise of a trade in and my first iPhone 11. The hardest part was trying to transfer all the information, apps, and passwords to the second iPhone 11 and set it up the way I want it. On January 3 2020, the iPhone 6s arrived and I was only given $36.00 for the trade in value, way less from what I was promised. This was mistake number 3. I would have taken $200 or $300, but that is all I got. I would have just got the phone from Apple and paid full price if I know this from the start and not mislead by the promised trade in value. In short, I don’t need this iPhone 11, and want my iPhone 6s back so that I can donate it to a better cause and just buy one from Apple at full price.

The number of hoops and tunnels I had to jump and crawl through to resolve my issues make me want to vomit. I want help to resolve this issue because I’m tired of this rollercoaster ride and I might want to take my business elsewhere. 

They wanted me to turn in the new phones too in order to fix their mistake. I didn't want the hassle. Sure enough, I just received a bill for over $1200 for the phones that were turned in and account cancelled. I wonder how long it will take to get this sorted out. We also received a $13 and $27 trade in credit instead of the full amount that the store said we would get. It seems you're better off going directly to Apple for the phones. I certainly could've donated the phones to a good cause.

Hi Magenta10503952,

I'm going through a very similar issue on our business account and it's been 3 months.  How did you end up resolving it or have you?  I'm tempted to file a formal complaint to the FCC.

This has been a struggle with many hours wasted on the phone. I did email the CEOs office and got them involved. I documented every call, visit, and email. I got a $1200 bill from T-mobile. The store sat on the phones and never sent them back. It took a few phone calls and a lot of complaining to get the store to send the phones back. I finally told T-mobile I would be filing in small claims court. They said my account has been cleared and a zero balance. I'm still waiting for the final bill to show a zero balance. If not I will proceed with legal action. Good luck. It is very frustrating. The CEOs office was great and quick to respond. The people at the store couldn't even look me in the eye and where very dismissive once I canceled the account. It looks like there are a lot of people with a similar experience.

Would you mind sharing the CEO's office email please.  I have a business to run and the amount of hours I've spent on follow up and keep getting that they are escalating and having supervisors review and I'll be getting a call back is getting old. 

I was with Verizon for over 20 years and never had any issues but coverage was spotty in a lot of locations and T Mobile was at a sponsored event and they had great coverage so they convinced us to switch.  They promised a lower monthly bill, credit towards a new phone, buying out my husbands phone and I could make payments on the new device.  So far, nothing promised has occurred.. and I've been dealing with this since November.  The account executive I dealt with (all via text or phone call) is now MIA.  My first bill was for $1700 (gasp) they charged me for the whole device and then some...  Nightmare is an understatement. 

I am going through a similar situation. My wife, mom,dad a d I went to get new phones and took our sprint phones which included 2 iPhone 8+'s and they never sent the phones back to sprint. Now Sprint is charging us for phones we don't have and the can see the shady transactions that were made that day and customer care nor promotions want to help us. Seems like we never existed.

I can really use some help. I'm going in circles trying to get this resolved.

I got “scammed” by a support person (Sycola) when I tried to take advantage of a (iPhone) Device Offer.  She changed my plan ( Simple Choice NA 10GB) without consulting me and lied to me about the length of time, I would not be able to make changes to my lines.

I complained and got to supervisor, (Edwin) who also tried to scam me… He used high pressure tactics including “ you said this or that”, which I had not, so clearly looking to save his employee and himself.  In the end, I no longer know what was the truth, because they even contradicted each other.  In the end, I refused the device, and he had promised to revert my account to my old plan plus offered to give me a credit on my statement, neither of which he has done.  

So, I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the FCC and probably will be leaving TMobile after 8 years in the USA and at least 12 with TMobile NL unless I can get to someone who will correct the situation with my plan.


That is really something … the high pressure sales! and the UNETHICAL way in which I was treated. 

I usually have the great service at Beechnut and Beltway location.. but today waa the worst from any Tmobile locations I have been to… first of all, so called MOBILE EXPERT…Veronica M. could not even get the back of the phone to open up.. I ask to switch for the new phone to activate and shut the old one off.  I paid the phone out right to have it activated but all she did was charge me for the phone and just activated the sim for me install.  I told her should you not check the phone first if it works and she said that its a new phone and all I have to do is put the sim and the battery in to work.. I told her shouldn’t you install it and check if it works before I leave.  Sure enough it did not work.. I told her to get the store manager (Jamarion C.), which he did not come out to handle the issue until I asked her to the manager quite a few times.. Yes I was upset because of the ignoring and telling I can’t do nothing for you.. So called store manager finally came out which I told him the issue, then stating that he can not do anything… he could not give any clear answer… and only thing he said was I am thru talking with you … The corporate office needs to watch the video and listen in… The manager nor the employee had no customer service.. and employee was on his phone sitting on TOP of the table … not a chair but the TABLE… and just on his phone … This store is very very unprofessional… NOT all employees are like that.  They do have or had great customer service employees there.. lot of them moved on, and I am guessing because of all unprofessionalism.

I have been trying to set myself up as the primary accountant holder for years. The phone is in my name. I've called, and gone in person dozens of times for the last 6 years. They always say they set it up, but don't. 

On Jan 22 2020 I opted for Tmobile switching from AT&T at a nearby costco store.

I traded 4 phones for new iphone 11s by paying the difference in that store with a deal to get a $500 mastercard in return per line. Its Total $2000 which we were supposed to get back per their promotion, It's been almost an year now, they did not send us those master cards till date, each time we contact costco store to enquire about this we were redirected to T-mobile customer server and Tmobile says since we did not went to some site to get register we are not eligible for that deal now despite we following all the given steps to us at costco store.

Tmobile is not even returning our old phones. This is a catch22 situation and Tmobile is refusing to take any kind of responsibility and we ended up paying for our phones at full price and lost all of our perfectly working phones to them.

who is the manager of a store in miami, regional level to complain to?

Very disappointment after many years of being a loyal customer with automatic payments. I never got a good deal from T-Mobile. All they do is SELL LINES. Even when you don't need them, they want you to add lines to your account in order to receive "fake promotions". After many years not wanting to move from this sadistic relationship with T-Moblie, I finally did to ATT. Now I am grieving a real nightmare!. To explain: I moved to ATT in May/4 (17 days after the current bill). Service was activated when I received the phones on May 7. I made a courtesy call to T-Mobil to make sure ALL SERVICES were canceled. The representative at that moment (name Julian or like) very sneaky decided to "maintain my service active" (not losing a customer) by keeping the 5th line active as a personal line (the line not being transferred to ATT). In that call, I made sure ALL MY SERVICE WITH TMOBILE WAS FULLY CANCELED. The bill ran from 4/21 to 5/20 and service was canceled in May/7 completely. However, to my dismay, I noticed that T-Mobile withdrew from my bank account a FULL SERVICE CHARGE with 5 lines + insurance + all they could on June 13 (4/21 - 5/20). Not only that, this company HAS GENERATED ANOTHER BILL!!!. I have called many times to solve this issue. In one of the calls, a representative called Marcela never sent me a copy of this bill as she promised. I cannot access the app or the website because everything has been locked after 5/7 for me not to see what is going on...I WONDER IF THERE IS A DEPARTMENT THAT CAN TAKE MY CONCERN WITH HONESTY AND FAIRLY? Is this possible within T-Mobile? I only owe T-Mobile 17 days of use from 4/21 to 5/7. There was not reason to charge for 5 lines+insurance+taxes+ghost rates after May 7. CAN BE POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE A FINAL BILL WITH ALL THESE ADJUSTMENTS?