Galaxy S21+5G

  • 17 August 2021
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I need to know if my phone has a u connect on it.  My jeep has u connect.  My phone needs to have u connect. I down loaded the app and it doesn’t seem to be working , I don’t understand it.It say’s to put in your password I forgot it, I have been waiting two hours for it to send me my reset for a new password.  So any help would be most greatly appreciated. 


2 replies

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Hi there.

If the app is not working, you could try an uninstal/reinstall. If it’s the password reset issue, try resetting the password directly from the Mopar/Unconnect site. You may need to reach out to their support team directly if the password continues to be an issue. 

I never downloaded the u connect app to set my phone up. I jus turn the blue tooth on an u will see uconnect drop down, click on that an ur jeep gives you the rest of the directions for setting up an saving ur device.