Global Plus One - Business Accounts

  • 21 November 2018
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How soon before I can add the global plus one feature to my business account?

I don’t want to convert all my business lines over to a consumer account just to add this feature. I have a strong use for it and would like to give my money to T-mobile to add global plus to my business account.


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5 replies

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Are you asking how soon you can add it after making the account changes? You should be able to get the feature right away.

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I am sorry @milehighmagenta but at this time, Global plus is not available for business lines. As @tmo_mike_c mentioned, you should be able to add the featured right away after the line is converted to a non business line.

Ok thank you both for the reply. Converting over to a consumer just to add a new feature doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way either.

I’ll wait it out and will continue to use the Gigsky international data esim data option. Fingers crossed hopefully T-mobile will release this feature for business accounts soon just like they did Netflix for 2 lines.

Keeping my fingers crossed too. The only business offer for I'm aware of for true high speed roaming is 50 dollar for 1.5 GB or am I missing something?

Yup, you are right. I get 5GB for $50 with gigsky. But I would rather pay $50 to T-Mobile. A few months have passed already, I wish they would release this feature to business customers.