How can I have access to a Customer Service Manager if any Experts can`t solve my problem?

  • 24 September 2021
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I`m a 6+ years business customer with 4 lines + 1 data and I`m trying to get the promotion BOGO iPhone 13 Pro + 800$ off for the second when you add a line... but seems impossible. Last week I spent 3 store visits and 7 calls (1 hour wait for each call) and every single T-Mobile Expert tells me something different:
1. Store: You have to order online because we cant add a line in the store;
2. Call: You have to order in the store because we cant ship your iPhone 13 Pro to your house do a COVID restriction in Florida (that was very creative) and the store will be able to receive your phone and you can pickup at the store; (2 days to receive a call back from a supervisor telling me that)
3. Store: We cant receive your phone in the store bc all pre-order are sent to customer`s home, but unfortunately you need to change your plan to take advantage of the promotion. Its the EXACTLY same plan but with a new name, but rates and features are the same! We’ll schedule the change for October 15th when you cycle ends and then you come back in the store and we will order the phone.
4. My Netflix that was always included on my plan is canceled next day, today T-Mobile charged my card for one I-phone that the first Expert tried to order but couldn't because of the “COVID” Restriction for Florida Shipping….
Really???? I tried to call T-Mobile 3 times today, all calls were “disconnected” just after I explained my problem…. I called the store and they cant help me bc the order was online…..IM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THE MESS T-MOBILE DID on a so simple request!!! 
So I will post on social media, here, BBB, and all places I can find to see if some one with a little bit more of knowledge and respect can help me out!! 
Then if nothing happens move to another company… seems my business isn't important for T-Mobile anymore. Any way that I can reach a real T-Mobile Expert Manager?

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter.