How long before I get credit for ALL of my returned phones?

  • 27 April 2018
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I sent 4 phones as returns nearly a month ago.  They were received on April 4.  As of this time, I have received credit for 2 of the phones, but 2 others are still on my account and I'm being charged $30 each and they show up on my EIP.  I'm not sure why 2 phones in the box would be processed but 2 wouldn't.  I've tried again and again to get into chat, but the business chat is never available. 


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4 replies

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Hey there!

Were the devices all sent back individually on the same day? Typically we see the credits coming in about the same time. When were the prior two credited?



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Hey, @frackiewicz123​! Just wanted to check back in here. Did you have a chance to take a peek at the questions Lauren asked above? Are you still waiting to see the adjustments for the other two devices you returned? If so, our internal teams may need to file something called a Handset Research Form -- has anyone mentioned whether or not that's been completed thus far? Hopefully there's been some traction here! 😊

Thank you for following up, the headset recovery people did find the phones and I should now have them taken care of.  Thanks!

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Hooray, I'm stoked to read that! 😊 Thanks so much for coming back to let us know!