I need help!Can someone help me?


Because I bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max in the United States before, which belongs to TMobile company, but now I am in China, and I can't use it normally, and I don't have a TMobile account, so I can't contact and unlock it. This kind of problem is very serious, and the equipment can't be used normally. I would like to ask if you can help my friends or TMobile employees to help me contact customer service. Thank you very much. My equipment IMEI:350879902999179

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Tmobile will only unlock phones for Tmobile USA customers who meet the requirements with the main ones are required usage on the line requesting the unlock code.

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Because T-Mobile sells so many phones by monthly payment schemes, they SIM lock all their phones to assure pay off. They have a published policy on how to remove the SIM lock after the phone is paid-off. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this and purchase used phones without first assuring they have been unlocked.