• 16 November 2020
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I’m sick of spending 2 hours on the hone about the same problem with no results.  The “ personal guarantee “ text is garbage.  I need someone to fix my issue.  I’m ready to switch.

3 replies

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You won’t find any managers here and probably not any T-Mobile employees either, unless today happens to be a rare day of boredom for them to make them visit the forum to pass some time.  Your best bet would be to try contacting the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter.  

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“Personal guarantee” with many CS reps on the phone mean they’ll cut a ticket, and get some form of (un)satisfactory resolution.   I’ve had dozens claim their ‘personal guarantee’ that they’ll resolve the issue… issues have been open for years.  T-Mobile setting the issue to resolved in a ticket queue does not mean the issue was ever resolved, but more like ‘some one came up with a so-called answer to your problem’, 99% of the time a kickback of a few dollars off this month for your trouble.

T Mobile does not live up to what a store promises in a promotion.

I must call and complain every month to remove a cost. A supervisor told me they do not back what an employee in a store location promises or what I have sign for in an agreement in a store.

Horrible customer service. The customer service or the supervisors have no ability or authorization to permanently alter a person’s account for sake of making a customer happy.