• 16 November 2020
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I’m sick of spending 2 hours on the hone about the same problem with no results.  The “ personal guarantee “ text is garbage.  I need someone to fix my issue.  I’m ready to switch.

5 replies

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You won’t find any managers here and probably not any T-Mobile employees either, unless today happens to be a rare day of boredom for them to make them visit the forum to pass some time.  Your best bet would be to try contacting the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter.  

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“Personal guarantee” with many CS reps on the phone mean they’ll cut a ticket, and get some form of (un)satisfactory resolution.   I’ve had dozens claim their ‘personal guarantee’ that they’ll resolve the issue… issues have been open for years.  T-Mobile setting the issue to resolved in a ticket queue does not mean the issue was ever resolved, but more like ‘some one came up with a so-called answer to your problem’, 99% of the time a kickback of a few dollars off this month for your trouble.

T Mobile does not live up to what a store promises in a promotion.

I must call and complain every month to remove a cost. A supervisor told me they do not back what an employee in a store location promises or what I have sign for in an agreement in a store.

Horrible customer service. The customer service or the supervisors have no ability or authorization to permanently alter a person’s account for sake of making a customer happy. 

Tmobile has the absolute most atrocious customer service I have ever experienced. These reps all sound like robots, they all have the same sentences, and offer absolutely no solutions to your problems. They think they can slap a couple of bucks off the account and then everything will be ok. Which it never really is cause you go back into your account and those removed fees are back in and doubled.

These representatives have bee rude, laughed my situations, hung up on me, ended my chats... both regular representatives and supervisors. They don't really care about providing any genuine service. As long as they can get you off the phone and get you to say that you'll recommend tmobile to family and friends and they'll send you on your way.

Tmobile cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars on a business opportunity because many of their representatives provided me misinformation and lied about some services, and when I went to the store I was told otherwise and I was left there waiting to speak to another live rep while I was in the store so they could speak to the store manager and I was left on hold the entire time they were transferring me to a supervisor. Making me miss a business meeting that cost me everything. And that was twice I one day.

Canceling my services immediately and never recommending tmobile to anyone. Trash services and even worse customer support. 0-10 rating! 👎👎👎👎

This about sums up the shady business practices right there