Is T-Mobile a good place to work?

  • 3 April 2021
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I use it first time so plz help me how i work on Tmobile.

2 replies

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I would say so.  When you look at the benefits and perks of the job.  I would say it is better than other similar companies to work for.  I saw that though as someone who has never worked for T-Mobile. 

Because I travel around a lot for work, I would say the store experience is T-Mobile’s biggest hurdle to overcome when it comes to consistency and transparency.  You have amazing stores, which reflect on their excellent store managers, such as one guy, Lee, from the New River Valley area of Virginia.  He made sure his employees were honest and met the level of service each customer would be proud of.  Then you have the not so good stores and there are enough of them out there.  Stores where employees are told to say whatever it takes to get you to sign up and get your money and brush you off when you realize their deceptive practices.  

If there was a call center local to me.  I would have applied.  COVID-19 has decimated my line of work.  I would consider working in a store but Virginia’s Governor seems to flip flop back and forth on things quicker than a fish out of water.  The amount of people I see wearing shirts locally saying, “My Governor is an idiot!”, sort of speaks for itself.  :D  

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What part of T-Mobile? I don’t know the answer but it seems that their sales folks have a tremendous turnover. Every time I go to the local store, it’s all new faces.