Just want to announce my presence ( a small business customer)

  • 10 June 2017
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We have 6 lines plus a data only line.

  Have had very little need over the years to ask for help.  We have made use of the "free" intl roaming feature in about 14 countries the past 3 years or so. (Since the day it took effect.)  Have been w. TM since they came to the U.S. when they took over Omnipoint-Voicestream.

We have phones w. Miami (2) and California(3) phone numbers and one in Seattle.   We are on the grandfathered Simple Choice plan.  Most lines use under 500mb of data.   Rarely hit the 2Gb mark.

   Like the feature we can email CS.

3 replies

Maybe you will consider T-Mobile ONE which has Kickback ($10 discount for using <2GB a month per line), AutoPay discount ($5 off per line for up to 8 lines) and the taxes fees included. Plus, you get to keep the great benefits of Simple Global which is what you've been using to roam in other countries.

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I didn't know there was a $10 discount, per line, for using less than 2G of data. And, I believe you get faster data overseas. 

I would NEVER give anyone access to my bank account.  What if there was an error in billing?  It's one thing to instruct your bank to pay a fixed amount to your mortgage holder.  NOT for bills like electric or phone that can vary.

  I'll look  into this.  Thanks.

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Instead of using a bank account use a credit card for the auto-pay like I do. This way if a charge does come up that you don't agree with you can dispute it.