new phone (att unlocked lg v60) wont make/receive calls!

  • 23 May 2021
  • 1 reply


I bought an LG v60 brand new and it is an ATT unlocked device. Since putting my Sim into the v60 I have texting and 5g data that is flawless. I Cannot make or receive calls, though! In some areas my phone will switch to 4g, then my phone will somewhat make calls. I have talked with the experts, in store, online and over the phone. They gave me a new sim, the device is registered correctly and still no calls.. They opened a ticket yesterday, called me today and we are still in the same position. Now a new ticket was opened and I am still waiting to see if they can solve the issue! The store associate in town had me call ATT which seemed off but I did and they were NO HELP at all! I must say, going in store was most frustrating, it seemed they didnt even care about my issue. Though they did replace my Sim after I mentioned it a couple times, they never called or contacted anyone for help and told me to go to ATT for help?!?! Anyway, I love T Mobile and have been here for 10 yrs, this is just frustrating! Has anyone else had this issue?? Any fix?