[Off Topic] Purchase site and T-mobile question Xperia 1iii

  • 24 August 2021
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So, at this point, I'm quite set on getting the Xperia 1 iii. I'm a T-mobile subscriber, and I've been getting conflicting information on whether this phone supports VOLTE and internet calling. I'm aware that the phone supports sub-6 5G and band 71, which is fantastic.

Also, it appears that Focus Camera, B&H, or Adorama are the three most viable alternatives for me to purchase. (Best Buy has been out of stock for a long time, and based on my experience with them, they may never restock). I was curious if anyone had any experience with the three websites mentioned.

I'm a premium customer, and I've travelled through a region where there is no AT&T service, which is where cricket Mobile is. When I went to work this morning, I uploaded it. I can tell which towers I've visited on the maps because the last one I saw was today rather than another nearby, but there is no signal trace on the roads where I travelled. Is this a flaw? Or is my upload still being processed by the site?

Also, on the Cell mapper site, I'm showing up on AT&T towers for the 4G signal, but no HSPA or HSPA+. On the map, there are no towers in this region, however there is where I have service. What's the best way for me to see who I'm linked to? Although there is a T-Mobile tower nearby, it is now teaching me how to find it.

1 reply

I have the Xperia 1 III on T=Mobile and it does support VOLTE.  Unfortunately at this time it doesn’t have VOWiFi which is a bummer.  Almost all the T-Mobile MVNOs do support VOWiFi so it is not the phone.  I purchased mine directly from Sony as the price was the same, the pre-order bundle was the same, and the ship date was the same.

It works very well on T-Mobile except for the lack of WiFi calling.  I don’t seem to get 5G at my home but I don’t have to go far before I do pick up a 5G (NR) tower.