Please help me cancel my account!

  • 4 April 2022
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My last phone usage was in September of 2021, I went ahead and paid for October because I had a “free month” elsewhere. I went into store & closed it. Apparently he suspended it not cancelled. I got a notice in Dec. & paid for November (just to have the whole thing behind me). Now I am getting a bill March of 2022 stating $267.10 will be reported to my credit bureau. I have called customer service 3 times over an hour per call, being bounced everywhere. My hands are tied because I don’t have the phone number anymore & so can’t access it. Then I get messages stating system error. Though it is closed now (apparently confirmed by an agent, how do I truly know since I can’t access my account) And there is a lingering balance of $267.10.  I am a disabled veteran dealing with severe panic attacks (also PTSD), sending me into the ER. Please any help is appreciated. PLEASE!

1 reply

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This is a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation who don’t have account access.

With that being said try contacting Tmobile support using messenger on one of their social media platforms to see if they can help.