Problems with my phone

  • 13 December 2017
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Hello I was just salking to rep. Jessa and was haveing aboot problem with my phone.

8 replies

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It sounds like you were on a chat or call with a rep. If you were disconnected during either you can resume the chat or call back and you should be asked if you are calling about the same issue as the last call.

This is is a customer forum so we wouldn’t know exactly what the issue was you are having.

However feelnfree to to ask us and maybe we can help.

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Hey, @magenta3509376!

I see you just joined our Support Community; welcome! Were you able to get everything taken care of? We're happy to help out but need more information about what's going on. 😊

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Hi there! Just wanted to check back in here and see how things were going for you! I'm sorry to read that you were disconnected. We're happy to offer our help here if you'd like to let us know a little more about what type of device you're using and what's going on with your phone!

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Did you get the issue resolved?

when talk on phone voice drop very bad please help

when i call my wife first ring go to voice mail then redial again then okay keep doing that all the time and sound cut off too. thx


i use my samsung phone call my wife iphone either iphone to iphone same problem