Proposal Not Honored, Salesperson MIA

  • 22 September 2022
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I received an aggressive proposal from a T-Mobile sales rep to switch my business lines from Verizon. I was given a proposal in writing via email to pay off all of my equipment with Verizon (6 total devices), and also told that if I signed before the end of the month that I would receive my first two months free.


I received a portion of the device buyout as a visa gift card, but was told that my 6th device buyout would be paid off as a credit on my bill. My sales rep eventually said that his manager approved the credits and that it would apply within a couple of weeks. It has now been 3 months since he said this, and 6 months since I began service. Now I cannot reach said rep by phone or email. Lots of emails and voicemails that do not get answered. I am missing more than $800 worth of promised, in writing credits. 


How do I get this resolved? More importantly, how can I hold this rep responsible to honor what was offered. It has become more of a principle thing to me personally. 

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