Question about Global Plus 15GB on Business line

  • 6 January 2020
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Hi all. I have just switched to T-Mobile, and set up a multi line business account with Magenta Plus for Business.

One of the reasons I made the switch is because we do a lot of international travel, and I was interested in the Global Plus 15GB plan on some of the lines.

Now that I am set up, I tried to add this plan to one of my lines. The rep seemed very confused, and kept adding and deleting the one time 15GB data pass instead, this one:

Eventually, I was told that the Global Plus 15GB monthly plan can’t be added to Business lines. I could only add monthly data passes.

Is this correct?

If yes, does anybody know if the monthly 15GB pass also includes Stateside International Talk and Text? Because a major part of my use is calling from the USA to international, and so if the data pass does not include this, I’m losing a lot of value.

Also, what exactly are the advantages of having a business line vs a personal line. Would it be better for me to just switch to a non-business account?



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Doing a google search there was an article from TmoNews when the plan first came out that listed business

and government accounts as being excluded but the names of the plans and terms seem to change. FWIW

Thanks for the fast reply. Very frustrating, because I specifically asked about this before switching over to T-Mobile and I was assured that it would work with my business line.

I guess the workaround is to just buy a pass each month, do you know if the passes is also include the long distance from the USA to international locations?

Thank you.

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On that I do not know.