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  • 18 April 2018
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Our organization texts webex URLs to employees to join high priority war rooms.  T-Mobile is not delivering these messages, since the SPAM filter doesn't like the  short URLs created with google.  Would our long webex URLS get better delivery?


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Hey, @magenta4689583​, and thanks for posting. The short answer is: it's definitely worth a try!

We had a recent similar inquiry regarding short URLs here: Can't send/receive texts that contain "" and I contacted a colleague in our engineering department who works with messaging to get the answer provided there. While we can't promise that longer URLs will work in all instances, because there are potentially other issues at play when messages are blocked by a spam vendor -- for instance, volume or frequency -- and those exact thresholds are counter-intuitive to share publicly, as that honestly could give spammers more info to use to skirt spam detection procedures (the way they may piggyback onto short URLs to avoid detection).

Basically, this is a situation where some bad eggs are making life a little tougher for good eggs like you and the OP in the thread I linked above. It's frustrating, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

I would suggest trying the longer URLs to see if you have more success with that. If the messages are still being blocked, then I'd recommend Community-2153​ (if you're a T-Mobile customer -- if not, then having your messaging recipients who *are* T-Mobile customers contact us), and working with an internal team to get a ticket filed for the outbound message failures. The folks in our Tech department should only need a few examples in order to file the ticket, and then engineers in the messaging team (like the one I reached out to for the general ask regarding short URLs) will be able to run traces and review the messages to hopefully determine why they're not working.

Again, I'm sorry you're bumping into trouble here! I hope the longer URLs are more successful for you.