SPAM LIKELY - Why does T-Mobile allow 'spam likely' to leave VOICE MAIL and track users?

  • 25 February 2022
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T-Mobile - every day spam calls on your network. Why does T-Mobile mark it as ‘Spam Likely’ then allow phishing calls to leave a message and collect location information from callers? This is the entire reason why spam exists, the criminal organization can find out the location of a cell phone due to the T-Mobile leak - of data allowing them to leave a message and look at ‘where’ the location - of the cell phone is. Question: When will T-Mobile provide a free facilitation ‘setting’ to block all ‘Spam Likely’ voice mail?

This seems to be something that would align with the FCC mandates.  When will T-Mobile make it available to stop ‘Spam Likely’ calls from LEAVING A VOICE MAIL AND TRACKING THERI CUSTOMERS?

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