Syncup Drive on Desktop

  • 7 January 2022
  • 2 replies



I have a business with a couple trucks.  I installed the drives in the vehicles and it works great with the phone app.


I would like to view dashboard, map etc… on my desktop (Mac) and also my front office desktop (PC).

Is there a website that log in and dashboard is available?

2 replies


Tony, from the overwhelming response, along with my own personal experience,  it seems the only way to see your Sync-Up data is on your phone, or possibly the iOS app on a iPAD.

Uggggghhhh... We also own a small business and just got 17 syncUP drives for our trucks


Yesterday literally yesterday Feb 7 2022 . We previously had Sprint Drives and they had a website in addition to the apps. And I could set curfew notifications. This one has neither and I did not know that prior to switching. Ugghhh, we used both of those features constantly.