T mobile are Liars

  • 10 December 2020
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T-Mobile are liars I paid for a phone and have been a customer for 9 years I literally bought the phone on their own website and they keep giving me the runaround they took my money I have never gotten the device that I paid for in full and then they said that my phone got lost in transit with UPS which it never came to my house and had nothing to do with me what a bunch of Liars they are they literally took my money never refunded me my money and now they said they're going to bring me another phone and I still have not received it this has been going on for a month and a half I'm over it and I need a different service and I need to let everybody know on this website and in T-Mobile that all they want to do is take from you and not give you the proper service that you deserve please trust me I have been a customer for nine years and they have been the shittiest phone service I have ever dealt with and the shittiest incompetent people that they hire day in and day out please tell them hire people who can actually speak English and talk to me without there being a language barrier. DONT TRUST TMOBILE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY ESPECIALLY NOW THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE DURING A COVID 19 PANDEMIC

2 replies

You are absolutely correct. They have done nothing but lie to me since I have had their service. My suggestion is that you take them to small claims court. I did the same and since have been reimbursed some of what they have stolen from me. It is well known that they are liars and any small claims court will agree. I am on the military magenta max and this is how they treat the us who risked our lives overseas so they can rest happy and safe at night.. I am deeply sorry for your experience with them but know that you are not alone

TMobile are a bunch of liars.   I've been with them for 5 years and they went from good customer service to a bunch of liars.  Just waiting for the right time and I'm gone!   So much to explain....so disgusted and disappointed.  Even reached out and sent email to a board member he's probably too busy playing golf.