T-mobile clients are not receiving any text message containing the link to our website.

  • 30 December 2021
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Hi, we provide online tutoring services, and before any client enrolls, they need to see the free trial and go through an orientation process.


However, I recently noticed that T-mobile clients could not receive any message containing links to our website. The issue extends to Simple Mobile users as well.


We were told that we need to be a T-Mobile customer to receive support on this issue. We purchased a line and confirmed that the message was not received even if the line had no blocks/filters.


I have confirmed that Verizon and AT&T clients can receive the messages without any issues. And I also confirmed with our current provider that the messages are being sent and they show no error codes on their end.


On T-mobile, any other message is received. I have also tested with links to other websites, and they are received without any issues.


I spoke to the web developers, and they are willing to work on any updates necessary, but we are not clear on the restrictions we need to comply with.


@srickar, I saw that you were able to help other people with similar problems. Can you help me here?

2 replies

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My link to the T-Mobile forum on Reddit has been sent to moderation.

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Check this