T-Mobile Insurance Not Worth The Price Or Hassle

  • 7 February 2021
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The insurance provider T-Mobile uses for they’re customers is the worst I’ve ever experienced. The customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced in my life. The reps hang up on you when you ask for a supervisor, I’ve had senior T-Mobile managers call them with me on a 3 way call only to experience the same treatment and also being hung up on when they asked for a manager. This insurance provider makes you jump through hoops! And will not cover most claim I purchased a brand new IPhone 12 Pro Max over $1,300 I put insurance on it the day it was purchased and when it was lost in universal Orlando they would not cover it, after all the attempts T-Mobile made to get them to cover it we still got nowhere. Now tonight I call in on a A11 with a crack screen and I have a $10 deductible where it’s such a inexpensive phone and they are telling me after waiting 3 days for an email requesting more information I need to wait another 5 days for them to approve my claim. My screen is cracked the phone can not be used and I have to wait 5 more days for them to review the claim what happen to the 24 hour claim process and next day shipping? Clearly this insurance company does not care about T-Mobiles customers my issue has escalated to the office of the T-Mobile president and it’s my hopes that they realize how this insurance company is effecting they’re company and they look for a new insurance provider I’ve more than voiced my opinion and my account is heavily documented about my issues with this insurance company something needs to be done if T-Mobile truly values they’re customers they will get a better insurance provider to cover they’re customers. 

2 replies

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I’ve never insured a phone through T-Mobile but I’ve never heard anything good about Asurion either. To me it’s just another technique to get the customer to part with more money. The last phone I broke was an Avant that was at least 5 years old at the time and certainly not worth insuring.

The question is what alternatives do you have? Does Apple Care cover loss or theft?


Yes for $12.00 a month apple care plus covers theft, lost and damage and $30 screen replacements. You have to buy it the first 60 days from the date of purchase then you can pay a one time fee or do the monthly plan and all claims go right through Apple. The deductible is also less than it was with T-Mobiles insurance so I moved all my apple lines to apple care plus and on my Samsung products I now have no insurance I dropped it after the terrible experience I had with them. They use a company call assurance. I’ve took my complaints all the way up to the president of T-Mobile and I did get a response that they are addressing it I’m not the only one with issues with this insurance provider they have denied allot of claims and the process to use them is anything but easy.