T-Mobile oneplus@work Free Digits

  • 25 February 2021
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Was part of the Beta digits program then tmobile offered oneplus@work customers free digit numbers same with the oneplus.  Well now my account has been changed without my approval and lost my GoDaddy and being charged full amount for digits.  And to top it off I wait on hold for 45 minutes or more.  Agents promise to call me back, never do then they close out the case. I have been a  business customer for 14 years and and a non bus. 4 years prior to that.  I never had these issues until the last 2 years. I have at least 100 hours of time on the phone being promised and then never fulfilled.  I spent so much time away from my business that I should be getting paid by tmobile for never taking ownership.  It doesn't take that long to listen to a call record.  They just play stupid.  How did they get on top on JD 

Oh and I still have yet to be able to take control of my account like I did online.   

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