T Mobile Prepaid purchase in Korea

  • 15 February 2021
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I have purchased T Mobile Prepaid sim card with a plan for 2 weeks for US$30.00, it was unlimited talk, message and data.  A seller in Korea told me to put sim card upon arrival.  I did exactly what I have been told but unfortunately, I didn’t have no service in US.  I have contacted a seller in Korea to resolve the problem.  Instead of resolving problem, this seller was telling that there is nothing he can do about it and trying to transfer responsibility to a US based T Mobile prepaid dealer who was supplying sim cards and plans to Korea.  There are number of US local prepaid dealers who are selling T Mobile prepaid plans in Korea with some other nations in Asia(China) without consent from T Mobile company.  I have found out this when I stopped by a local T Mobile Store to resolve an issue that it is not allowed to buy T Mobile Prepaids in another country other than US.

IF this is true, T Mobile has to control their US local dealers to prevent fraudulent activities to keep innocent people to get wrongfully doing business with these people.



2 replies

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When someone purchases a SIM card.  What they do with it from that point, including taking it out of the country for resale, is beyond T-Mobile's control.  Most airports have kiosks for the major US carriers for people arriving in the US that want the have a local number while they visit the United States. 

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What phone did you try to use?