Tmobile blocking all SMS to number with 10DLC campaign

  • 30 September 2021
  • 1 reply


I have campaigns registered to verified Brands. SMS messages sent to numbers attached to those campaigns are blocked by T mobile. It just replies with a Sorry, this service is unavailable. If I remove the campaign it works fine. Tmobile is the only company where this issue is happening. The Campaign and Brand are both approved by Tmobile. 

1 reply

Hello Skywave,
It sounds like your upstream provider is not properly configured with the DCA to provision 10DLC with T-Mobile. I can confirm that our clients at Tychron, who use us directly for Campaign Registration or as a CNP for their Campaign Service Provider, are not having issues with message delivery to T-Mobile.

Feel free to reach out for a discussion

Mike Burlingame
Tychron Corporation