Tmobile problems on my return of phone

  • 7 February 2023
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I have been with Nextel since 1997, then it changed to Dprint and now Tmobile. So 23 years they have had my business account.

  I sent one of my business phones that was in warranty by UPS to Tmobile at 13704 Independence parkway,  Fort Worth,  Texas  76177 and received confirmation from UPS that it had been delivered on January 9th.  T-MOBILE 3 days later charges me $1256.50 saying they did receive it.  Them after numerous phone calls to customer service the story changed.  They said they could have gotten it but the scan part wasn't readable and they needed more time.  7 days later I called again. They kept assuring me that the problem would be resolved. I was transferred to supervisors and more supervisors and today  was the last straw.  They basically called me a liar and said I have till the 13th of February to pay my bill or they will suspend all my lines.  I can't believe this is happening.  I don't how to get  a hold of someone in corporate to help me.  These customer service workers are useless.  PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED. 


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