Two Factor Authentication Texts Are Not Arriving From Multiple Apps and Sites

  • 18 February 2021
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My 2FA texts were coming in fine. But now they do not arrive from a variety of sites, Amazon, Paypal, Snapdocs, and others.

3 replies

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Is your account a prepaid or postpaid account?  Are shortcodes enabled on your account?  Some 2FA services, like the IRS, some banks, and others, are not available to prepaid accounts, because there is no way to verify who the person is that is using the prepaid account.  


I don’t even get two-factor texts when I’m attempting to log in to the T-Mobile website :frowning2: . I end up resorting to getting the code via email, which happens within seconds. What gives?

I’ve got the same issue with Microsoft Authenticator. Now, It worked on my Samsung S10 that I had with BOOST! I traded that phone in to T-mobile about a month ago for an S21 5G. I changed service at the same time. Since the change I’ve not had any luck getting Authenticator codes from my employer.


Is this a T-mobile problem?